Programs & Services 

Brain Gym® Playgroups

The playgroups are run over the weekend. Four classes in total. During the classes, the children will be engaged in a myriad of activities, most of them will be physical. There are no academic programs taught here, only fun activity based learning that will assist and enhance the development of the child's abilities to learn. The classes are mainly taught in the outdoors, sometimes in the center when we are training them in Bal-A-Vis-X.


Some of the activities include:


  • Tree Climbing

  • Nature Treks

  • Ball Games; Soccer, Rounders, Captain's Ball, Basketball

  • Bal-A-Vis-X

  • Lots of Balancing activitie

  • Camping

  • Overseas Adventure Camps

  • Cycling trips; Pulau Ubin, East Coast

  • Sensory Development activities

  • Roller Blading

  • Ice Skating

  • Rock Climbing

  • Brain Gym Movements

  • Crawling, Jumping and Climbing

  • Handicraft

  • Kite-Flying


Our program objective is to allow children to discover for themselves their hidden potential through movement.  Through the integrated movements of Brain Gym® and BAVX; pyhsical activities that are designed to help children develop specific life success skills, concentration, cooperationm relaxation, imagination and self-esteem, the children will be more prepared for classroom learning. This program is not meant to "teach" children how to play but rather to play with them in a spontaneous and productive manner.

Private Consultations (1-on-1)


Private Consultations are 1-on-1 60min sessions where qualified Brain Gym® Consultants will lead you through a process called a Balance. Choose a goal; something you wish to accomplish, or some potential within yourself that you would like to develop and you will be guided through a series of Brain Gym® activities to tap and release that potential. These activities help you access the skills and abilities that you goal requires, allowing you to easily and enjoyably fulfil dreams that may have seemed unattainable.


Anyone can benefit from a Balance, especially children with learning difficulties or adults who are "stuck" and unable to enjoy their lives with their family and friends due to an "energy block".


At times, we may recommend that children on the autism spectrum only consult with us 1-on-1 instead of joining the playgroups. The reason being, at certain stages in their lives they benefit most from dedicated attention to address issues that they may have.


During these consultations we also further you/your child's abilities in BAVX. The various tools we employ during a consult depends on what needs to be done and what is the best way to get it done. That is why no two consults are the same. Each consult is tailored to meet any specific need.





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