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Brain Gym


What is Brain Gym?

Brain Gym® is a program of gentle physical activities that enhance learning abilities. It is a series of enjoyable movements that bring about rapid and often dramatic changes and improvements particularly in academic skills like concentration and focus, maths, test-taking, memory, reading, writing, organization skills, listening, comprehension, physical coordination, attitude, and relationships.

Brain Gym® develops the brain neural pathways the way nature does through movements. A distinguished specialist in physical movements, education, and child development, Dr. Paul.E Dennison Ph.D., developed Brain Gym upon more than 40 years of research-based in the USA.

Many students have benefitted from using Brain Gym® as it helps them to switch on their whole brain and ready for themselves for optimal learning. That is why at the Brain Gym Playhouse we administer movement-based activities through PLAY!

We couldn't have been happier when we heard what the Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Hsien Loong went ahead and recited our mantra in his National Day Speech in 2012!

"I would like to offer one caution to parents: Please let your children have their childhood! Pre-school is to teach the kids certain skills which are best learned at that age, language, social skills, basic motor skills. It is not meant for you to prepare with the Primary One, Primary Two textbook and to drill the kid at three or four years old so that by the time he goes to P1, he already knows what the teacher is supposed to teach him. Education experts, child development specialists, they warn against over teaching pre-school children. You do harm, you turn the kid off, you make his life miserable. Instead of growing up balanced and happy, he grows up narrow and neurotic. No homework is not a bad thing. It is good for young children to play and to learn through play. So please, I have heard of parents who sent their children to two kindergartens. I read of parents, who send their kindergarten-age children to tuition, please do not do that."

Lee Hsien LoongNational Day Speech 2012


Services/ Achievements: Awarded the ‘Excellence Service Award’ by the Educational Kinesiology Foundation in Ventura, California in 2004.


Brain Gym® Program together with integrative play are conducted for children aged 4yrs to 12yrs old over three weekends. There are 4 groups with a maximum of 15 children in each group. 90% of these children are so-called “challenged kids” as we term it and have some form of learning difficulties. They learn the Brain Gym® movements and how to apply them in school and at home with great success.

Activities such as rollerblading, ice-skating, cycling, swimming, trekking, rope & knot tying, outdoor cooking, canoeing, rock climbing, juggling, balance board therapy, kite flying, woodcraft, camping, origami, traditional games, and other integrative play and eye-hand coordination games are carried out during the playgroup classes over the 3 weekends.


Overseas educational tour to Australia - in 2002, followed by four Malaysian educational tours the following years. (namely to the farm stay in Johore, holidays in Mersing, stay in a floating resort in Tasik Kenyir and in 2007,7 days in Langkawi, had been organized.

These children also get a therapy/consultation visit on a monthly basis to help them with their sensory/primitive reflexes/integration problems.

Brain Gym® courses for parents and teachers are conducted periodically throughout the year. Overseas Instructors are invited to teach Brain Gym® related courses and higher-level courses.

The iLs Program is a Music-Based Auditory Stimulation method, with a BONE CONDUCTION that trains the brain to improve the auditory skills needed to effectively listen, learn and communicate. It consists of an extensive series of specially produced acoustic music, primarily classical, played from the iPod with innovative sound processing techniques that exercise the brain and auditory pathways.